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Stock photographer based in Tuscany (Italy), the web knows me as “franckreporter”. My home is the suitcase, I gotta love traveling and all my contents have been taken on all over the world. From New York, to Los Angeles, through London, Miami, Paris, Athens, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai, Montreal, Belgrade, Budapest, Barcelona, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Australia and Berlin.

Since September 2019 I’m a Land Rover Italy ambassador for the New Defender!

I work for the two major agencies of North America: Istock and GettyImages where I’m one of the most famous european exclusive artist.


Numbers talk itself, I can claim to have sold more than 350.000 images on all over the world across the ( istock and gettyimages ) platform. Many of these have been used in the most famous newspapers and websites on all over the world. In Google my nick-name can count more that 450.000 results, synonymous of my visibility in the world . In Facebook my public page has more of 240K followers and in Instagram more than 120K. Lets the numbers keep going..


Everything in life is luck, but i like thinking big !! Sometimes a bad choice can open locked doors and sometimes yours best investments are the ones you don’t make.

Experimenting is the key.  Here some brands that used my images in their ads around the world.

Produce valuable stuff, no matters if that is footage or stock pictures, my goal is to inspire communicators. My products must be useful for market, must be authentic, original and fresh. I always try to follow year’s trends in terms of color, style and authenticity. Pictures are something that remain printed in our mind and our life. It’s my job get it right. Usually the best pictures are those that seem more natural, they must convey the authenticity that a photo too much fake can’t give. Follow your soul, follow your passion and keep shooting. What markets search i must have. Ideas don’t miss…let’s roll the creativity .

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Take a look few of my latest images in use here.  My portfolio grows every day and can count more than 95.000 images just on Istockphoto and more than 43.000 photos on GettyImages . I’m available to work on assignment everywhere. If you want contact me, you just need to drop me an email through the contact form. Or write directly at francesco.salvaggio(at)gmail.com I’ll be very happy to engage a quick talk with you about any matter.

I’m passionate about making outstanding images and I want to succeed in everything. 

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