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Image in action : Groupon Italia newsletter

a pic of mine i took in Amsterdam in the 2014 on a Groupon Italia newsletter . It is not actually the first time that i have pics on groupon

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Image in action : My pic cover of istockphoto frontpage


Image in action : my pic on the Magician TV series.

so funny that i found a pic of mine in use on the 4th season of the TV Series The Magician . the hipster guy with hat is a model i worked with in London few years ago.


Featured inside AdWeek magazine


Image in action : World Traveller magazine october 2018

got the chance to be featured on the World Traveller Magazine of october 2018


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Image in action : Centauro


Image in action : Runstatic newsletter

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Image in action : La Vanguardia spanish newspaper


Image in action: Outside Magazine

outside magazine

Image in action : Huawei Middle East advertising

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Image in action : Ads on Mens Journal

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Image in action : Gabel ads on CasaFacile magazine

My pic of NYC with the fireworks used by Gabel – Industria Tessile Spa on CasaFacile italian magazine in the issue of April 2018. Gabel used my pic also for all their advertising.

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Image in action : Marriott Reward newsletter


Image in action : article on l’Avanguardia

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Image in action : Square Mile magazine March 2018

square mile

Image in action : – Lifestyle article

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Image in action : Heimann magazine

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Image in action : Flow mobile phone carrier billboard

A friend of mine recently sent me this pic of a billboard at the British Virgin Islands with an image of mine i took in december 2016 in Miami.


Image in action : cover pic

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Image in action : Usa Today – most dangerous jobs in US

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Image in action : Donald Trump book adv


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Image in action : Bild De Frau online newspaper


Image in action : 8 Marzo su


Image in action : Ajoure Men – March2018


Image in action : Health & Fitness Nov 2017


Image in action : Istockphoto newsletter

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Image in action : Healthy Times Spring 2017


Image in action : The Guardian