Sono ufficialmente ambassador LandRover Italia

Qualche giorno fa, sono stato alla presentazione italiana del nuovo Defender 2020, di cui sono stato investito del ruolo di ambassador italiano. Qui alcuni repost del comunicato stampa.

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Franchia Vegan Cafe in Manhattan

We have been in this cafe in early May 2019, it is situated in the East Side of Manhattan ( NYC ), we were looking for a place where to eat vegan and looking on google maps we found this very high rated cafe. It is not exactly a cafe but a restaurant. It is a very nice place with a cozy ambient light perfect for a dinner for two or a group of many persons.
We enjoyed two bowl of noodles, one was a soup the other not !! and also we shared a portion of fried vegetables dumplings.
Everything was very very tasty ..
the price of the dishes was 17 dollars each noodle and 8 for the dumplings.
After 5 pm minimum order is 15 usd per person and just for information the tips on the check are 15/17/20%.
There is the possibility to order also tea and wine!! must be very delicious too!!

here the link on google maps

Espai Joliu Cafe Barcelona

We have been at the Espai Joliu Cafe in Barcelona ( IG account )  in early April 2019, a friend of mine suggested this place because it was cozy and peaceful. So with my girlfriend we decided to try it and we went there to have a lunch with a friend. At the first glance the place is rustic but very very cozy, full of green plants, bonsai and fat plants. The right mix of nature and wooden furniture. The place is also vegan friendly and we really appreciate that . They do also very tasty filtered coffee !! It is a good place to drink something or just to take some instagram pics for your profile. The ambient is really perfect.

Image in action : Groupon Italia newsletter

a pic of mine i took in Amsterdam in the 2014 on a Groupon Italia newsletter . It is not actually the first time that i have pics on groupon

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Image in action : My pic cover of istockphoto frontpage


A roadtrip with Sixt Italia car rental

In march I have had the opportunity to made an amazing trip in the Southwest of United States with Sixt Italia. By far the best car rental i’ve ever used to rent a car. We’ve got an amazing fancy red Jeep Wrangler that made the journey amazing.

Image in action : my pic on the Magician TV series.

so funny that i found a pic of mine in use on the 4th season of the TV Series The Magician . the hipster guy with hat is a model i worked with in London few years ago.


Instagram purge ( many people reported lost of followers )

Yes, last night it happened again. Instagram made another purge of fake and inactive accounts removing many of them. Lost many followers too on my profile .

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Even my profile noticed an huge drop of followers as you see on SocialBlade here : ( when they will update the stats ) Schermata 2019-02-13 alle 12.11.53   Yesterday I had 129.000 followers and this morning got 124.000…it is an huge drop but in my opinion it is better to have less followers that are active than more followers that are fake and inactive. As it says 

It’s unclear if tonight’s changes to Instagram are meant to be happening or if it is something that is down to an internal error. No statement has been shared by the company, who remain silent on what is happening to online accounts. And whatever it is, Instagram users are losing followers, some affected more than others. Reports are coming in of some accounts seeing hundreds lost, while others are reporting much higher numbers.

On socialblade website you can also track the performance of many big accounts that lost even million of followers.. this is the case of @nike.

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Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande lost many followers too…even 2/3 million in their case. This is not the first time that instagram does this kind of cleaning.

So if you lost many followers too…don’t panic!! it happens now and it will happen more often too in the future!!! this is new war against fake account made in action by IG. Facebook should also do it the same!!

And you ? how many followers did you lose ? write me in the comments below…

Featured inside AdWeek magazine


Image in action : World Traveller magazine october 2018

got the chance to be featured on the World Traveller Magazine of october 2018


Image in action :


Image in action : Centauro


Image in action : Runstatic newsletter

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Image in action : La Vanguardia spanish newspaper


Image in action: Outside Magazine

outside magazine

Image in action : Huawei Middle East advertising

Photo 11-05-2018, 11 16 18

Image in action : Ads on Mens Journal

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Image in action : Gabel ads on CasaFacile magazine

My pic of NYC with the fireworks used by Gabel – Industria Tessile Spa on CasaFacile italian magazine in the issue of April 2018. Gabel used my pic also for all their advertising.

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Image in action : Marriott Reward newsletter


Image in action : article on l’Avanguardia

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Image in action : Square Mile magazine March 2018

square mile

Image in action : – Lifestyle article

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Image in action : Heimann magazine

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Image in action : Flow mobile phone carrier billboard

A friend of mine recently sent me this pic of a billboard at the British Virgin Islands with an image of mine i took in december 2016 in Miami.


Image in action : cover pic

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Interview on

Photogrist recently quote me on their online website as landscape photographer here

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Image in action : Usa Today – most dangerous jobs in US

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Image in action : Donald Trump book adv


Image in action :


Image in action : Bild De Frau online newspaper