Image in action : 8 Marzo su


Image in action : Ajoure Men – March2018


Image in action : Health & Fitness Nov 2017


Image in action : Istockphoto newsletter

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Image in action : Healthy Times Spring 2017


Image in action : The Guardian


Image in action :


Image in action : HSBC bank billboard

My image used in the HSBC billboard in Thailand and in Singapore.


Image in action : Healthy Magazine Nederland Oct 2017

Happy to have got the cover of the Healthy Magazine Nederland for the issue of sept/oct 2017

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Image in action : Newsletter ryanair

my pic has been used in the last Ryanair newsletter


Image in action : got the cover of GQ Travel Russia – Oct 2017

I got the cover of GQ Travel Russia magazine for the issue of Oct 2017 with an image of mine i took in california months ago.


Image in action : Airone Magazine

My pic of Los Angeles used inside the Airone Magazine


Image in action : Ajoure October 2017


Image in action : Chip Deutschland – September 2017


This week featured on RedBubble

i’m very happy to announce that this week i’ll be featured on the RedBubble home page as selected artist. in this way my portfolio there will get an amazing boost and more client will be able to discover my products. On Redbubble i basically sell my best travel images printed in any kind on products, from the carped to bed sheet to the iphone and tablet covers.
here the link to my portfolio there

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Redbubble is a global online marketplace for print on demand products based on user submitted artwork. The company was founded in 2006[2] in Melbourne, Australia, and also maintains offices in San Francisco.

Istock Artist of the Month : July 2017

So proud and happy to announce that I’ve been selected to be the iStockphoto Artist of the month for July 2017. It is not the first time, because i’ve been also Artist of the month in 2010 at the beginning of my career with iStockphoto.

What does it mean that ?  …basically it means that I’ve been selected among the +160.000 artist from +40 countries around the world and my portfolio will be shared for a month to all the iStockphoto customers.  Isn’t it amazing??? For me it is a great push to work hard and work more!!! I swear the best is yet to come!!



here  the link to the email sent to all the customers and here a selection to all my best recent contents uploaded on iStock. Click on the image below to browse the images and purchase some of them if you like it.

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Image in action : web magazine

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Image in action : MensFitness website

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Image in action : Avantages magazine


Image in action :

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Image in action : Where Orlando magazine

love to see the image of the france supporter on the orlando magazine…


Image in action :

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Image in action :

Schermata 2017-06-23 alle 08.38.21 Schermata 2017-06-23 alle 08.39.39

Image in action :

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Image in action : Sparkle magazine

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Image in action : MensFitness

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Image in action :

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Image in action : BBC News


Image in action : Elle Magazine website


Caumasee Lake – Switzerland