Instagram purge ( many people reported lost of followers )

Yes, last night it happened again. Instagram made another purge of fake and inactive accounts removing many of them. Lost many followers too on my profile .

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Even my profile noticed an huge drop of followers as you see on SocialBlade here : ( when they will update the stats ) Schermata 2019-02-13 alle 12.11.53   Yesterday I had 129.000 followers and this morning got 124.000…it is an huge drop but in my opinion it is better to have less followers that are active than more followers that are fake and inactive. As it says 

It’s unclear if tonight’s changes to Instagram are meant to be happening or if it is something that is down to an internal error. No statement has been shared by the company, who remain silent on what is happening to online accounts. And whatever it is, Instagram users are losing followers, some affected more than others. Reports are coming in of some accounts seeing hundreds lost, while others are reporting much higher numbers.

On socialblade website you can also track the performance of many big accounts that lost even million of followers.. this is the case of @nike.

Schermata 2019-02-13 alle 12.16.47

Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande lost many followers too…even 2/3 million in their case. This is not the first time that instagram does this kind of cleaning.

So if you lost many followers too…don’t panic!! it happens now and it will happen more often too in the future!!! this is new war against fake account made in action by IG. Facebook should also do it the same!!

And you ? how many followers did you lose ? write me in the comments below…