Katz’s Deli – New York (review)

istockphoto.com / lauripatterson

istockphoto.com / lauripatterson


Last summer i had the opportunity to visit a great place to eat american meat. This place is Katz’s Deli – New York, we discovered this place after have seen the episode of Man vs Food New York .

At first impact it seemed a very rough place to eat, but after all why not to give a chance to they? i must say that this place is crowded and for what i seen many new yorkers came there from all the state to eat very good meat and in particular Pastrami sandwich.

from www.manvfoodpigouts.com

Other peculiarity of this restaurant (if we can call in this way that place) is that the floor is entirely covered of sawdust . They served all the dishes on a huge bar counter and then you choose a free table to sit in there or you can decide to eat directly at the bar counter, but this is very rare because there’s the queue along all the counter.

I strongly suggest this place for a weird lunch or dinner.

The review of tripadvisor and in yelp. It’s not necessary the reservation.