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Glamping Porn è finalmente online !!

Glamping Porn è finalmente online !! Ho pubblicato qualche giorno fa la prima guida in Italia alle migliori strutture glamping da cui prendere spunto per le proprie vacanze.
Circa 50 strutture elencate in tutta italia, tantissime foto e anche un po’ di testo per descrivere ogni struttura. Con questo libro fotografico potrete trovare facilmente la migliore struttura che fa per voi. Per adesso il libro è acquistabile soltanto su amazon al link qui sotto.

Link alla guida su amazon :


Glamping mon amour su

Insieme a Costanza Ruggeri, giornalista di SkyTG24 abbiamo redatto una lista dei migliori glamping in italia da nord a sud. Un vero e proprio percorso tra i campeggi glamour più originali dello stivale .

Link all’articolo :


Facebook is down!! ( 8th April 2021)

Oh Noo..Facebook is unfortunately down worldwide.
It is not accessible via facebook manager, facebook pages, everywhere!!
This is what you can see at the moment ! People went crazy on twitter to report it!!

facebook is down

Review : Marshall Stanmore audio Speaker

Today i got the beast…i mean, the beast of HiFi audio speaker. It is the almost new Marshall Stanmore , really fantastic, gorgeous look, i like that kinda vintage and aesthetic look with such an outstanding sound performance with a deep bass and louder trebles. Click on the link above to look at the technical specs . Let me say again, it is a ridiculous toy…everyone should have one of this . Perfect in everything even really with a wise price point in the market.


Google Drive and Apple IOS 8.4 do an automatic resize of photos..

Today i discovered (uploading my iphone images on google drive to backup everything on my mac) that with the new IOS 8.4 released last week by Apple i got an automatic resize of almost all the images 90% of them from the original size to the fucking size of 852×640 (resulting in a 200Kb picture).. I really don’t know if it is a problem of google drive or just a problem with the new IOS.

And you ? have you got the same problem…please let me know !! .. below..

Katz’s Deli – New York (review) / lauripatterson / lauripatterson


Last summer i had the opportunity to visit a great place to eat american meat. This place is Katz’s Deli – New York, we discovered this place after have seen the episode of Man vs Food New York .

At first impact it seemed a very rough place to eat, but after all why not to give a chance to they? i must say that this place is crowded and for what i seen many new yorkers came there from all the state to eat very good meat and in particular Pastrami sandwich.


Other peculiarity of this restaurant (if we can call in this way that place) is that the floor is entirely covered of sawdust . They served all the dishes on a huge bar counter and then you choose a free table to sit in there or you can decide to eat directly at the bar counter, but this is very rare because there’s the queue along all the counter.

I strongly suggest this place for a weird lunch or dinner.

The review of tripadvisor and in yelp. It’s not necessary the reservation.